A Unikernel for Extreme-Scale Computing


HermitCore is a novel unikernel operating system targeting a scalable and predictable runtime behavior for HPC and cloud environments. The current version supports C/C++, Fortran, Go, Pthreads, OpenMP and iRCCE as message passing library. The potential of HermitCore is illustrated by a small number of videos.


HermitCore can be used as classical unikernel within a virtual machine. In addition, it extends the multi-kernel approach (like FusedOS, McKernel and mOS) and combines it with unikernel features.


HermitCore is designed for KVM/Linux but also for x86_64 bare-metal environments and provides a better programmability and scalability for hierarchical systems, which based on multiple cluster-on-a-chip processors.

Research Project

HermitCore is the result of a research project at RWTH Aachen University and is currently not production ready. Please use it carefully.