Collaborators working on this project

HermitCore's core development team consists of the following members, which are supported by members of the RWTH Aachen University:

Stefan Lankes


This project is maintained and initiated by Stefan Lankes, who is member of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems at the RWTH Aachen University.

Simon Pickartz

The colleague next door asking challenging questions

Simon is a staff member at the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems and works as research associate.

Jens Breitbart

Consultant aka the person who nags Stefan

Jens used to be your standard off-the-shelf HPC guy, but he is currently roaming the embedded space at Bosch Chassis Systems Control.

Daniel Krebs

The student next door checking the code style


Colin Finck

Porting it all to Rust

Colin has ported HermitCore to Rust within his master's thesis and is now improving HermitCore-rs as a research assistant at ACS.