HermitCore's diary


A binary-compatible unikernel

A Rust-based Unikernel

First version of a Rust-based libOS

HermitCore @ OpenSuCo 2017

Presentation at the Open Supercomputing Workshop (co-located with ISC '17)

Running HermitCore Unikernels on Cloud Platforms

OpenStack, Google Compute Engine, ...

HermitCore @ ARCS'17 and YouTube

Presentation at ARCS'17 and tutorials at YouTube

Open Positions

HermitCore @ COSH 2017

Presentation at the combined workshop on Co-Scheduling of HPC Applications and Virtualization Solutions for High-Performance Computing

HermitCore as classical Unikernel

Running standalone within a VM

Go support

Integration of the Go Runtime

HermitCore @ ROSS 2016

Presentation at the Int. Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers

iRCCE support

Running Message-Passing Applications in a bare-metal environment

OpenMP support

Running OpenMP Applications in a bare-metal environment